Custom Cycle Leather Corné becomes Kontour

Dear friends and customers,
I am relieved and excited to announce that Custom Cycle Leather Corné is back for the next chapter! The past months I have found and trained a creative couple that is continuing my bespoke leather works under the name ‘Kontour’.
When I restored my first saddle about 10 years ago, I didn’t imagine I would inspire other people to fall in love with bicycles saddles and the creation of other cycling related products. But Annelies and Stefan sure did.
They are no novices to the world of cycling and have previously created great sports and cycling wear brands and products. I am very confident in their work and I will support Annelies and Stefan on their journey. I am also thrilled to see how they are already using their experience as product, graphic and textile designers to build their own brand and style, with deep respect for the traditional craftsmanship and the heritage of custom cycle leather Corné.

I recommend you to also follow the new official social media channels of Kontour

Thank you for your continuing support.